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WARNING: Risk of Fire Pictogram By Jonny Banger

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Design by JONNY BANGER [SPORTS BANGER] @sportsbanger

Jonny's piece UNDER PAID UNDER VALUED uses the ant logo of one of his favourite artists, The Prodigy, and is a reference to their 1992 track, FIRE.  The artwork's name is a direct nod to the firefighters and the working classes who keep things moving - the worker ants.


Printed on fine art grade paper for long-lasting colour. Available in A1 and A2.

Art Print

Printed on heavy-weight paper. Available in A2 and A3.

About the Artist

Jonny Banger is an artist raver and founder of the London-based anti-establishment DIY fashion house, Sports Banger.  Jonny's work interrogates British pop culture, class and politics through the subversion and appropriation of branding.


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